Right in our own Backyard

I looked around the room as we learned about the dark side of life for some of the children in Boca Chica.  I could easily read the sadness, disbelief, and confusion on the faces staring back at the slide show.  While the idea of human trafficking and child exploitation wasn’t new to any of us, hearing a firsthand account of what we might be seeing in the DR forced a different perspective.  I’m sure we’ve all heard about it on the news, read an article, and even seen a movie that depicted the atrocities of modern day slavery, but it’s different when you find it staring you in the face.  It’s much easier to look past things that are happening far away (where we’ve never been).  It’s even easier to subconsciously  convince ourselves that it’s not “real” when we see it on TV; after all, even so-called “reality” TV is contrived. However, the unimaginable truth remains that it is happening… at alarming rates… even in our own backyard.  
My own sadness, confusion, and disbelief multiplied during Hiram’s guest presentation last week by members of the Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking.  This seminar highlighted the occurrence of human trafficking in the US (specifically in OH).  I left the lecture and headed straight for Google.  I’ve done what feels like millions of searches on the internet, but never one on this subject.  The results were relentless.  Below are a few articles and videos (warning: graphic adult material) that made me hold my breath.  I was especially stricken by the reports of Superbowl weekend being a lucrative event for the trafficking industry.  As sick and empty as it makes me feel to think about the reality of the business of humans buying humans, the idea of ignoring it makes me feel even worse.   -Cristina

Sex trafficking at the Super Bowl 

Super Bowl Host Committee to Stand Up and Protect Children

Hawaii man charged with sex trafficking at Super Bowl – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Home

National Human Trafficking Resource Center


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