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In the course Science in the Dominican and Haiti, we have the goal of bringing science education to the less fortunate young residents of these islands whom would otherwise never have access to these kinds of experiences. The central idea of our efforts is to design simple and sustainable, yet informative lessons over basic scientific principles for the children to learn about the natural world. We would like these lessons to be as easy and fun as possible so the students develop a natural love for learning and knowledge. With the economic status of the local area in mind, the lessons are developed to be easily repeatable with the assets readily available to the school staff. In this way, many generations of students can benefit even once we have left! Following the thorough design of our activities, we plan on personally traveling to the Dominican Republic to actually be a part of what we created. It is our hope that the students impacted by our presence continue to develop as informed citizens and rise above the circumstances in which they were born by improving the quality of life for those surrounding them.    -Matt


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