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I wanted to introduce myself to the blog. I am new to blogging and I am very excited to be part of this blog as well as part of the group going to Caminante. I am one of the five nursing students going on the trip. We are all Juniors at Hiram College. I am very interested in going on this trip and using my nursing knowledge and skills to help others. I have had 4 years of Spanish in high school and I am hoping that it will come back to me some while we are down there. As far as some plans for what us nursing students will be doing on the trip is we will primarily be performing physical assessments on the children that Caminante works with. We will be leaving behind the assessment forms so that the children can be followed up on and in years to come when other students return to Caminante to follow in our steps they will have some kind of baseline for a follow up assessment. We also plan to donate a manikin that has pull out organs for the children to learn with. We plan to teach them about the parts and organs of the body as well as, basic health teaching. We are also working on collecting donations of health products to donate to Caminante as well. This will be a life changing experience and I hope that the work and skill that we are able to provide as nurses will impact the children and the community as well.

-Amelia S.


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