Day 9 for the Sci Ed Team: Joe’s Reflections on “The first 2 days of teaching”.

Joe and Angel

Tuesday was very special day for me.  It was our second and last day in the first homework room (“La Caleta”) that we will be teaching in.  It was not only special because it was my first time actually teaching a lesson, but because of the impact I made on one child.  During the morning session when distributing the coloring books to the kids, I noticed that one boy had to get his friend to spell his name for him.  The boy looked to be about 8 years old.  Now, thinking back on my education at 8, I can safely say that I was truly blessed.  At 8 I was enrolled at a private Catholic school already being able to read well.  This boy, I thought to myself, probably does not have great reading skills.  Anyways, when I saw that he could not spell his name, I went up to him, writing his name on a piece of paper, telling him to repeat what I write.  We practiced the whole morning, not realizing just how difficult this would be.  This was a very emotional experience, choking up every time he would practice spelling it out.  When we came back for the afternoon session, I saw that he was still there.  I went up to him and gave him a piece of paper and a crayon and asked him to spell his name.  He did. His name is Angel.   It was really one of the most rewarding moments of my life.  -Joe


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