Day 12 for the Nursing Team: Kelly’s Reflections on “Visiting a Boca Chica Hospital”

Kelly working with the children of the Batey.

Today we had the opportunity to tour a small community hospital in Boca Chica. We also had the chance to talk with a nurse from the hospital. This helped us to gain perspective on how the role of a nurse in the Dominican Republic differs from that of a nurse in the United States. Although there were some differences in nursing practice, it is apparent that caring for patients and creating an environment that is conducive to healing is what all nurses strive to accomplish.

On the tour of the hospital, there were drastic differences in comparison to hospitals we are familiar with in the U.S. One of the most shocking realities to learn about was the lack of constant electricity in the hospital. It was explained to us that power outages are a frequent occurrence and since the hospital is not located in the tourist area of Boca Chica it does not have priority in electricity distribution. We found this to be quite troubling because logically it would make sense for hospitals to have priority in electricity. The lack of technology and healthcare resources in this hospital was also very evident. In part, this could be attributed to the fact that this was a small community hospital that seemed to be in a development phase. However, since this is an area of the Dominican Republic that is struck by poverty, a lack of funding can also contribute to this situation.

Overall, this was a great learning experience for us as nursing students. By having this opportunity, we are now more aware of healthcare services and needs in this area of Boca Chica. We were also able to gain a sense of respect for the nurses in this hospital and the compassion and dedication they possess.     -Kelly

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The Nursing Team: Shannon, Kelly, Amelia M., Mandy, Amelia S., Javonne (left to right)


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