Day 12 for the Nursing Team: Javonne’s Reflections on “Visiting a Boca Chica Hospital”

Javonne and (our) Junior.

Today the Nursing Team had a short day, but we had the opportunity to see a hospital in Boca Chica. I found some good and bad things there.  I’ll start with the bad, for now.  The hospital is located in an area that doesn’t receive 24 hour electricity. They didn’t seem to have any in-patients and only really had patients in the emergency room and “out-patient consult” parts of the hospital.  Then they said that the surgery hall was being renovated and that the “Labor & Delivery” (L&D) would be on it.  These factors all make me wonder how they stay in business.  They don’t seem to have a steady stream of revenue.  I was also slightly alarmed that the L&D would be a part of the surgical ward; this isn’t uncommon, but I just don’t like it in general.  I believe that child birth and pregnancy are natural processes and that while it would be safer to have the L&D ward close to a surgical room, I think it promotes C-sections. I also hate C-sections in general. I guess they have been very helpful for medically necessary cases, but otherwise, I think it’s a horrible procedure. I also think that it’s horrible that C-sections seem to be one of the most common surgical procedures in the ward now. It’s scary that some women would elect to have their babies cut out of them instead of pushing them out. LAZY!!! But more importantly, DANGEROUS!!! Even worse (I believe) is that C-sections are becoming some sort of commodity and symbol of status. By that I mean,  that when I’ve asked people from different countries if C-sections were common in their country their reply would either boast about the number of C-sections or indicate that they are becoming more prevalent. It is spoken about as if they are “up on the new thing” or catching up. Again, this is scary, we are talking about *elective* major surgery here!

-Javonne (BSN, Hiram College, Class of 2011)


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