Day 15 for the Microfinance Team: Rachel’s Reflections

Rachel and (our) Samuel

The best thing about our microfinance project is by far its future. What we did with our group of women, our skits and PowerPoints and brief education, was fun and doubtless important. But what matters is the long term impact of the project. Visiting the homes of women who began to participate in microenterprise a few years ago gave us a firsthand peek at the eventual benefits of getting involved in such a project – these women seemed happy, their homes were full of work materials and nice furniture, and it was evident from their attitudes that they enjoyed otherwise unattainable levels of self-sufficiency and self-satisfaction from their work. Since the Dominican Republic, in addition to being generally economically depressed, is especially hard on women, microfinance provides what might be the only viable channel for women with great ambition and great need to overcome their economic and social boundaries and start their own businesses. I’m glad to have played even a very small part in that, and I hope that the majority of the women we worked with stick with the program and truly improve their lives because of what we helped teach them.   -Rachel


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