meet Chelsea.

I am really excited about learning about the Dominican Republic. This is a 100% a new experience for me and the new information is very intriguing. I most excited about taking this trip for the life experience and I need an eye-opening experience. You always hear about “third-world” countries and I don’t think you can understand those concepts without experiencing it. I am working on a geography lesson that teaches the kids about world geography, location and relation in location to our home (Hiram) and the DR. Geography was the first topic that came to mind when I knew I had to write a lesson, it’s my favorite topic and I love maps. I think teachers sharing their own personal favorites can be very captivating for the students to see. Watching others be enthusiastic can be very inspiring for students and also very motivating. It is shocking me every time during class when we discuss how these students are so disadvantaged compared to American students. The value of an education is so high, which I realize and appreciate since I’m becoming a teacher, but this experience reiterates that fact over and over.


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