meet Jenessa.

I am Jenessa Woods and I am a junior early childhood education major at Hiram College. I have spent a lot of time making lesson plans and working with children for my classes, however, none of that has added up to the experience I have gotten so far developing this full lesson plan that I am actually going to give.

After the giving my lesson, I want the the children to be able to read a simple map; know their directions, and what a legend (map key) is. I tried to make multiple posters to help the children feel more involved, and I have them creating their own maps at the end.

Coming to teach in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity of a life time, and I am thrilled to get the chance to do this. I know I will remember this experience for the rest of my life, and as the date draws nearer I continue to get more anxious, excited, and nervous! I will be there so soon, yet it won’t come soon enough!

Jenessa Woods


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