Day 14: Alyssa’s Reflections

Today was a relaxing day for us Hiram students because we didn’t have to teach or work.  The only thing on the schedule for us was the Son festival in the evening.  A group of us relaxed on the beach all morning and some napped in the shade.  On Sunday’s, the beach is packed with people that live locally.  It’s nice to see a lot of people and families taking advantage of their day off and using the beautiful beach.

After lunch, most of our group got ready and went to the Son festival.  This festival happens every Sunday evening and is packed full of people dancing to a live band playing traditional music.  When we arrived, we were suprised to see people sitting down and not dancing.  We later found out that someone that was special to the community had passed away the day before so the festival was cancelled in tribute to his life.  We were bummed we couldn’t dance and sad that someone had died but thought it was very nice that the people of the community would cancel something that happens every week to honor this persons life.

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