Jammin’ to the beats of Carlos Jones and the PLUS band

Caminante Benefit Reggae Fest, a gallery on Flickr. A special thanks to everyone who donated and came out to support the children of Caminante! Carlos Jones and the PLUS band put on amazing performance! They have to be one of the best bands to ever play at Hiram. Just look at the images of the … Continue reading

Springfest Weekend Finale = Benefit Concert Featuring Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band!

Don’t miss the chance to groove with Cleveland’s very own nationally acclaimed Reggae band AND help us raise money for the children of Caminante!  May 1st, 4-6pm Martin Field House, Hiram College.  Tickets on Sale NOW!  $5 presale, $7 at the door. Donations of school supplies are greatly appreciated! Crayons, markers, pencils, rulers, stickers, you … Continue reading

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