Day 11 and 12 for the Sci Ed Team: Lacey’s Perspective – “Appearances can be deceiving.”

The first homework room we taught in (located in la Caleta) was converted into a teaching space after previously serving as a house. It really wasn’t that bad at all. At this point we thought we had seen all of the spaces we would be teaching in and this is the best by far.  I … Continue reading

Day 4: Lacey’s Reflections – “E-mails to my mother about our mission”

Every morning since I have been here, I have been updating and e-mailing my mother about what the group has been doing, what I have experienced, as well as my reaction to it. This is one of the more in depth messages I have sent, but it explains our daily routines, which had changed drastically … Continue reading

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In 1994, Sister Denisse Prichardo Rodriguez began her work for the children of the Dominican Republic, through the creation of Caminante. Situated in the tourist destination, Boca Chica, which has elevated levels of drug and sex trafficking among adolescents, she sought to provide an educational program. The children are not only taught the basics of … Continue reading

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