Life after the Dominican Republic…

Well it has been a few weeks since we landed back in the United States and I have found myself missing the DR more each day. Every day I am confronted by friends and family who ask me about my trip. And honestly, I never know where to begin. Sometimes I find that I am … Continue reading

Day 11 and 12 for the Sci Ed Team: Lacey’s Perspective – “Appearances can be deceiving.”

The first homework room we taught in (located in la Caleta) was converted into a teaching space after previously serving as a house. It really wasn’t that bad at all. At this point we thought we had seen all of the spaces we would be teaching in and this is the best by far.  I … Continue reading

Day 9 for the Sci Ed Team: Joe’s Reflections on “The first 2 days of teaching”.

Tuesday was very special day for me.  It was our second and last day in the first homework room (“La Caleta”) that we will be teaching in.  It was not only special because it was my first time actually teaching a lesson, but because of the impact I made on one child.  During the morning … Continue reading

Day 4: Lacey’s Reflections – “E-mails to my mother about our mission”

Every morning since I have been here, I have been updating and e-mailing my mother about what the group has been doing, what I have experienced, as well as my reaction to it. This is one of the more in depth messages I have sent, but it explains our daily routines, which had changed drastically … Continue reading

Day 3: Aimee’s Reaction to Child Labor

In the United States, child labor is not something that is often confronted. There, children are devoted to their schoolwork and having fun. Most people from the US would probably think of putting your child to work as a form of abuse. Here in the Dominican Republic, however, we have encountered quite of bit of … Continue reading

Count down to Boca Chica

I can hardly believe that in five weeks the Hiram group will be on a plane to Boca Chica. I can’t wait to look into the eyes of the children as they excitedly listen to the science lessons presented by our very own Hiram students. In preparation for our awesome endeavors (science education, sustainability, and … Continue reading

Getting Excited!

Hello everyone! This is Aimee, part of the science group traveling to the Dominican Republic. As the time draws close to our departure, everything is getting very exciting! Lesson plans are starting to come together, and it looks like some of them are going to be really fun for the kids. We have lessons on … Continue reading

Almost time

It’s starting to feel a little surreal that this trip is not even 2 months away. The group is really starting to come together. We are now in the process of actually teaching our lessons to the class, I am so impressed with the level of dedication that everyone has put into this so far. … Continue reading

The Other Half….

Being a US college student, I had not invested too much thought in how young people abroad learn about their physical world.   My assistance for the group heading to Caminante this summer has driven me to dive head first into the issue.   The experience of finding out the degree of education for those living in … Continue reading


The trip to the Dominican Republic is quickly approaching and there has been great progress on the science lesson plans being created for the trip. In the course Science in the Dominican and Haiti, students have been working on every thing from geography and earth science to the heart and the human body. Each lesson … Continue reading

Global Reach

This course has been one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken at Hiram College. Hiram has always valued itself on intimate learning and global reach. For the first time, I personally feel like I am accomplishing Hiram’s moto. I truly feel that the lesson I am creating will impact the young children … Continue reading

Real Life and Geoscience

In January of 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti and the effects were disastrous on the already poor nation. Since Haiti is so close to the Dominican Republic and my lesson will be teaching the kids about earthquakes and tsunamis , I decided to obtain my father’s perspective on life in Haiti after the disaster. … Continue reading

Learning More Each Day

Days like these really make me wish we were already in the Dominican Republic. This snow is killing me, but I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life so you’d think I’d be used to it by now. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the Sustainable Science class, but I have been brainstorming on my … Continue reading

Having a heart

First of all, let me wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! So in my mind, today is the perfect day to blog about giving back to others and that’s exactly what Hiram College is doing. Our mission is to travel to the Dominican Republic to enrich the science education within their school system. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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