Day 12 for the Nursing Team: Javonne’s Reflections on “Visiting a Boca Chica Hospital”

Today the Nursing Team had a short day, but we had the opportunity to see a hospital in Boca Chica. I found some good and bad things there.  I’ll start with the bad, for now.  The hospital is located in an area that doesn’t receive 24 hour electricity. They didn’t seem to have any in-patients … Continue reading

Day 12 for the Nursing Team: Kelly’s Reflections on “Visiting a Boca Chica Hospital”

Today we had the opportunity to tour a small community hospital in Boca Chica. We also had the chance to talk with a nurse from the hospital. This helped us to gain perspective on how the role of a nurse in the Dominican Republic differs from that of a nurse in the United States. Although … Continue reading

Day 10 for the Nursing Team: Shannon’s Reflections on “working in the Batey”

Today was very interesting. First we had no idea where we were going or who we would be seeing. We were told the community was a group of people who had newly arrived from Haiti. The science group and the nursing group were packed into the van and taken to our destinations. We pull up … Continue reading

Day 4: Amelia’s S. Perspective

            Today was filled with new things I have never seen before. We traveled to the Batey as well as saw a Homework Room. We also went to visit a community center that was not far from the homework room where Natalie, the Peace Core Worker at Caminante, teaches a … Continue reading

Day 3: Amelia M.’s Reflections

          Today I had the opportunity to learn how to make a coconut necklace which is sold for profit by a few of the “street boys” which Caminante works with. This was an opportunity for me to get a glimpse of part of their daily routine. Victor Manuel walked me through every … Continue reading

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